The ASS Society:

A National Anti-smoker Organization Entirely Supported by Your Tax & Dedicated to Me

Learn How You Can Protect Yourself and Your Family
From the Deadly Dangers of Even Very Small Smokers

We're not anti-smoking - we're anti-smoker!

 Passive Smoking
Passive smokers can breathe in between 500th and 1000th of a smoker's smoke - comprehensive evidence that passive smoking is just as bad as smoking.
  Third Hand Smoke
Have you touched a smoker recently? Been to house where a smoker lived in the last thirty years? Spoken to a smoker over the last thirty years? Then you are going to die of lung cancer - probably tomorrow!
 The New Danger
Fourth Hand Smoke
People who have met smokers, a person who has been to a smokers' house - the children of smokers - all lethal!
 Electronic Cigarettes

Manufacturers claim they are safer, just because they have had everything bad removed. What they don't tell you is that they also lead to exploding head syndrome!

Protect your Family:

Do you have children? Call on your child's school to remove smokers' children NOW - before it's TOO LATE and your children die of CANCER

Ignore the Evidence:

Yes, the largest trial of 100,000 smokers over 40 years found no connection between lung cancer and passive smoking - but these people are scientists, not lawyers! What the hell do they know? 

Education for Smoker's Children - N0!!!

Why bother when they are probably going to die of cancer by the time they are 70!

Prohibition - YES!!!

We believe banning smoking could be as effective as banning alcohol was in America!


ASSS is calling now for separate schools, beaches, and buses for smokers, at least as a temporary measure before implementing the final solution.

Health Care for Smokers - NO!!!

Why should smokers enjoy health care, just because they pay for it several times over with cigarette taxes? Like our hero John Banzhaf, we support killing smokers via denial of medical care. 

Are you a smoker? 

You murdering bastard! The best thing you can do is kill yourself. Contact us now for a suicide pack. 


One dose of nicotine can make you an addict for life, as well as causing your veins to explode. (Unless the nicotine is contained in one of our sponsors nicotine cessation products, such as Nicocraap, in which case it is fine.)

Electronic Cigarette Warning: 

A warning message about the dangerous and disgusting Electronic Cigarette!

ASS Society E-Cigarette Warning

Electronic Cigarettes Blow Your Head Off

Lethally dangerous electronic cigarettes have been found to blow the head off people trying it for the first time, as this movie stolen from the secret labs of E-Cig company found.

Electronic Cigarette Exploding Head Movie